What are the benefits of the food of your event being cooked in the same place at the right time?

paella catering miami

And Why Us?

paella catering miami

Graduated from the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Cuba in 2001, Alberto Gómez Aparicio begins his professional life as a Chef at one of the most prestigious hotels on the island, Habana Libre, where he had the opportunity to share with renowned Spanish colleagues, of those who learned the culinary secrets of the Iberian country, where Cuban culture is nurtured.

Alberto came to Miami in 2008 with the idea of having his own kitchen business, and here he is, putting all his passion, together with his family that accompanies him in the venture, to evolve and establish himself as a preferred brand when it comes to choosing a supplier of the kitchen service for events, both private and corporate.

What is present all the time in the mind of this chef when it comes to cooking for you is that you can enjoy a combination of unforgettable flavors and together with your team, the service you expect and deserve.

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